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Our Process

A review of your business website’s performance is a starting point to having a website that generates leads and builds your online brand by running a FREE SEO Report.

Your FREE SEO Report will help us understand:

  • How your business listing shows up on top directories like Bing, Foursquare, Yelp and more!
  • Directories where your business name is wrong
  • Incorrect phone numbers on local listings
  • How well your website is performing
  • Performance in searches
  • Social Reach
  • Algorithm
  • And, more…

Once we review the information in your report we’ll be able to give you the amount of work required to meet specific targets related to your business objectives.

Marketing Process

Discuss and Agree. We follow a set of tested processes in producing effective campaigns for you. Our team consults and allocates a good amount of time to determine the best possible approach that can be used in marketing your products on various social networks. In this stage we make sure that each item we present to you is clear and understandable before proceeding.

Design and Create. Once a clear and concrete approach is decided NGT will design the necessary tools and content for the campaign as well create effective marketing methods suitable for your product.

Deploy and Maintain. We publish your campaign on the web and track results in real-time in enabling our team to make quick adjustments of the things that are affecting the campaign. The data gathered on this stage can be used for future campaigns or postings on your social network pages to replicate the success or avoid any unfavorable outcome.

Consulting Services

Discovery Areas

NGT will look at the overall market, your existing marketing initiatives and their efficacy, brand metrics, social network insights, existing customers, prospects or stakeholders and their personas.

We’ll focus on your marketing objectives as it relates to:

  • Market / marketplace discovery 
  • Social media landscape discovery
  • Campaign effectiveness discovery
  • Website /ecommerce efficacy discovery


Marketing is an integral part to any local business’s success, so it’s important to promote your company as much as possible. 

All too often, local business owners will expect big results in a short period of time, and when those results don’t come to fruition, a common response is to immediately stop spending money.

Most strategies take time to see results. Social media campaigns, for instance, can take up to six months before showing real results. Maintaining your digital marketing activities is an on-going process and needs to be managed. Even good strategies can take time to be successful.

*We have varied packages based on budget and a minimum six (6) month commitment is required.

Interested In Getting Immediate Results For Your Local Business?

Let us show you the benefits of our all-in-one marketing platform and how easy it is to start getting results.

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