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The health care industry is one of the five most search categories on the Internet. However, most health care organizations don’t have an online marketing strategy to generate leads or implementing SEO practices to rank higher on search engines. According to a research project from Pew Internet, statistics have shown half of all local listings on online directories have errors on them, leading to several major operational issues:

  1. Lost Revenue: Organizations that cannot be discovered online will miss out on new patients searching for their services.
  2. Poor Customer Service: Patients have to dial multiple phone numbers before they ever reach the correct department or office. 
  3. Staff Inefficiencies: Medical personnel are wasting valuable time by fielding inaccurate phone calls and other inquiries caused by inconsistent online listings.

Today patients shop for health care services as they would for automobiles and home services – by searching on the Internet and gathering information on your practice, service fees, and reading online reviews from other patients.

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A recent Google study showed that 77% of patients used online search when exploring healthcare options and 90% of those people started their search without any particular hospital in mind. With our online health care marketing strategy we help you stay ahead of the competition and reach more patients who are researching and making decisions for health care services. We offer proven health & wellness marketing services that will get results for all types of health care organizations — from small doctors offices, assisted living facilities, medial spas and wellness centers to hospital systems and large practices — saving you time and money, simply by having a local search strategy. From content creation, online advertising, social marketing and search engine optimization to business listing and reputation management we provide you with local marketing strategies and tools to help you:

  • Showcase your expertise
  • Significantly improve your efficiency
  • Build your brand in specialized practices
  • Correct directory listings ensuring people are able to access the right information and find the right departments and facilities quickly and without frustration
  • Ensure you rank for the searches you care about to increase awareness and drive more traffic through your doors

NGT Customer Success Manager will provide you monthly reports on rankings, directories optimized and overall impressions, reads and customer interactions to justify the ROI of local search.

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