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Use Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Local Business

Many businesses avoid incorporating social media into their local online marketing plans because they are overwhelmed by the number of networks available, are unsure about best practices for each network or simply don’t know what to post. (not to mention many view that social media is extremely time consuming).

Social media is an integral component of any local online marketing plan because it helps you get closer to customers and qualified buyers. 

Customers expect a business to be active on 3 – 4 social networks. – Social Media Examiner

Today, connecting with local customers using social media is as important as all the daily activities you do to run your business, like answering the phone and processing orders.

Jumpstart your social network marketing strategy and you’ll start building a following of loyal customers who shop at your local business and act as your brand advocate.

We can manage and update your social media profiles with our activity based marketing engine allowing you to have an active community of support with our managed services option or your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you make the most of every social media campaign by keeping your message simple and effective, coaching you along the way and sharing best practices in the DIY option.

Don’t leave your social profiles to fall stale, social media activity has proven to drive business, referrals, and name recognition.

No need to waste time or delegating it to your admin, we can handle it all for you with our complete social media posting and automation process delivered by our expert team.

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Get Results with Local Online Marketing

See Entire Conversations
Organize conversations with your customers in one place, so you can eliminate having to login to and toggle between several social networks.

Track Your Progress
See how you are growing across each network over time. Talk to your Customer Success Manager about how to capitalize on trends.

Schedule Posts in Advance
Don’t stop everything you’re doing to manually send out a post or status update. Simply schedule your posts in advance and get back business.

Link All Your Networks
Keep track of answered and unanswered messages from all your social profiles so you don’t have to maintain another list.


  • 78% of consumers purchasing decisions are impacted by online reviews – Ipsos Open Thinking
  • 70% of consumers are more likely to use a local business if it has information available on a social media site.

Interested In Getting Immediate Results For Your Local Business?

Let us show you the benefits of our all-in-one marketing platform and how easy it is to start getting results.

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