Multi-location Franchises

Local Internet Marketing Services for Franchises

89% of Franchisees cite local Internet marketing support as a key factor in selecting a franchise. Headquarters offering generic marketing support often leaves franchisees frustrated because efforts are not localized, missing the importance on local content, or are completely missing from local channels altogether.

NGT helps multi-unit enterprises and franchises take advantage of local Internet marketing and narrow the growing gap between corporate headquarters and local retail locations with the Local Marketing 360 platform unifying the complete marketing process.

We help franchisors:

  • Empower franchisees to distribute content marketing locally while maintaining control of their brand at the corporate level.
  • Provide tools to franchisees needed to engage locally and effectively build opt-in relationships for email and social media.
  • Measure and monitor all your locations marketing channels, messaging and results, creating best practices for all.

We help franchisees:

  • Save time and money in local, social, email, search, directories, mobile and more with a single tool.
  • Drive new customers through local search and improving your online reputation.
  • Track results and improve customer loyalty through email and social.

The best local messaging is locally or regionally specific which is why many brands invest in local outreach efforts.

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For example Whole Foods empowers their Directors of Marketing at each location to manage social media feeds, local promotions, individual events and advertising efforts.

Most companies have shared resources at the regional or national level that can be leveraged. Enabling message distribution doesn’t have to be hard. Messaging can be as simple as sharing an event, announcement or deal.

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