Social Media

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Social networks provide a way to have a conversation and empower your followers to interact with you and share your news with their groups. For this very reason social networks have become an incredibly important part of any marketing mix. With Facebook having more than one billion users and continually growing, social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest can be great for engaging with your customers.

Benefits of Social Media

  • Reduce your overall marketing costs
  • Can offer better customer service
  • Easily interact with current clients.
  • Connect with thousands of potential clients.
  • Have access to a global audience.
  • Build your image and your professional brand.

 Social Media Provides a Huge Opportunity for Nonprofits

Social media channels are a powerful and inexpensive way not only to promote your cause or event but to recognize volunteers and supporters. Acknowledging supporters online could encourage their friends in their networks to sign up or donate for your cause.  Creating a webpage or a photo badge recognizing your supporters generates great content and exposure they can share with friends. Traditionally nonprofits recognize donors and volunteers with plaques incurring an expense. With social media channels nonprofits have minimal to zero cost.

The main four social media sites your small business or nonprofit need to be on are Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and Twitter.  You’ll want to create a business page

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