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Simply put Search engine optimization (SEO) is earning traffic through unpaid free listings. Search engine marketing (SEM) is buying traffic through paid search listings. Paid search also referred to as “CPC” (cost-per-click), or “PPC” (paid-per-click) are how most search ads are sold. Google Adwords is the most popular paid search platform.

Millions of websites are competing for business everyday, but only a few are being found on Google, Yahoo, Bing or AOL and losing millions of dollars daily. Small business owners and nonprofit organizations primarily focus on their own local area for sales and donations. A local search engine optimization plan will enable millions of local online users looking for your products, services and information to find your website. Attracting new customers using local search is huge.  According to Google there are over two billion unique local searches per month on Google from desktop computers in the United States! Additionally, mobile searches mainly pull results from local search engines. Having an optimized website attracts targeted visitors to your site and ensures increased traffic, leads, and sales.

SEO Development Features

  • Website Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Geo-Target Local Keyword Selection
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Analysis Reports

And, more…

Why SEO is Important for Nonprofits

Local Web Diagram

Content marketing is king and through blogs, video and other online resources SEO could be the best marketing investment for a nonprofit. With advertising channels like TV, Google Adwords, and Facebook Ads you pay a fixed amount for your advertising. Unless you continue to make the investment you’ll lose the flow of new customers. With content marketing, each blog post, photo gallery and video, has the ability to accept future memberships and donations producing a ROI for months to come.

Think of SEO as an online sales agent working 24/7 to get new customers and create Local Buzz!

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